Recent Products I Reacted to ~ The Rose Version ~

I don’t consider my skin as sensitive. I can get away with products that contain perfume and mineral oil and the worst thing I got would be a couple of clogged pores. My lips on the other hand, can easily get allergic reactions from lip products. I don’t know the exact ingredients that cause my allergy because I can get them from a Maybelline lipstick to Burt’s Bee’s lip balm. The two products on this post are the most recent products that, sadly, caused my some sort of reactions. Continue reading

April 2015 ~ Skincare Reflection ~

Hello everyone! I hope your April has been awesome and I guess most of you have been enjoying a long weekend 🙂 This month I moved back from Scandinavia to Thailand. There’s a lot to adjust, not only timezone, but also the dramatic change in the climate. Basically my skincare favorites hasn’t changed much from March but I ran out of some products so I adjusted my cleansing routine a little. Continue reading