Recent Disappointing Products

It’s officially summer in Bangkok. Today was around 40 Celsius and the sun was burning. My skin gets tanned quite easily, but if it gets too tanned then it looks pretty damaged. Currently I’ve been feeling like I don’t take well enough care of my body skin so it looks a bit too tan. I’ve decided to reach out for some whitening products here but turned out I don’t like them that much. Continue reading

Current Favorite & Review: Fracora LIFTest Protegoglycan

Hi all 🙂 Today I’m back with my current favorite product, Fracora LIFTest Proteoglycan. Because of my bad sleeping habits, I sort of give up on trying to get rid of my fine lines and started to prevent my skin from sagging instead. Fracora is a Japanese brand, which is famous for their whitening serum made out of pig’s placenta… I know it sounds too much but this LIFTest Proteoglycan isn’t made out of pig’s organs, and it is an anti-aging rather than whitening product. Please read more to find out! Continue reading

Maquia Magazine’s Paul & Joe Agenda 2016 Review

I’m one of those people who sometimes buy a magazine just to get the freebie. Lately I’ve been looking for a planner notebook for the year 2016 and when I stumbled across Maquia magazine at Kinokuniya with a free one, I had to have it. I’m not sure if there’s such thing as agenda spoiler or not but I will be revealing the sections of this schedule notebook for those who are reluctant to get the magazine. This is to help you make your decisions ❤ Continue reading

Sekkisei Sun Protect Essence Gel N ~ Review ~

Sometimes I reach out to a less popular product just to see if there’s a hidden gem that suits me. Sekkisei is a brand from Kose that has been around for a long time. They are well known for their whitening lotion but this brand is notorious for the amount of alcohol they put in their products. Some said Sekkisei products break them out. To be honest I would never want to try their sunscreen if I hadn’t seen this video by Lisa Eldridge (at minutes 10). Continue reading

M&R Essentials Certified Organic Rosehip Oil ~ Review ~

Before finishing my Trilogy rosehip oil, I initially planned to move on to something with stronger vitamin A ingredients, but as I’m on a tight budget I decided to go for something I already have in my cabinet instead. My mom also got me another bottle of rosehip oil from New Zealand. I’ve never heard of the brand M&R Essentials but it looks promising. Continue reading